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Care Info

These care instructions are intended as a guide only as storage equipment, fridges, freezers, and environment can vary.

On arrival

When your package arrives it is important that the contents are put into refrigeration straight away. Each product will be sealed seperate either in foil bags or vacuum packs. Dont remove from these until you are ready to use. These protective bags will help keep your purchases fresher and also prevent drying out.

If you want to freeze fresh Fish, crabs, lobsters and smoked products, we suggest keeping these in their protective bags. This will help prevent freezer burn. we recommend a maximum of 3 months from the day of freezing.

Do not freeze the following:

Prawn products, mussels, whelks, shrimps, crevettes, any marinated products, surimi products or any other product stated -  NOT FOR HOME FREEZING!

These products can be kept for upto 3 days in the fridge.

Remember to store cooked foods seperate from raw.


 Fresh fish

When fresh fish is sent out it will be in as fresh condition as you would expect! If you dont intend to use straight away, keep refrigerated in their transit bags and use within 3 days unless you intend to freeze . If freezing, do so straight away and for a maximum of 3 months.

Crabs and lobsters

As with fresh fish, these will keep upto 3 days in the fridge or alternatively freeze on day of arrival for upto 3 months. If you have room, lobsters and crabs (whole) benefit from being frozen in a water block. This will stop help stop freezer burn and drying out. Simply put in a suitable container, cover with water and freeze. Remember that water expands when frozen!!

This is just a snapshot of basic care instructions. If you require any more info please dont hesitate to contact us before purchasing.

These guidelines are intended for use with a fridge with a temperature of 4c or colder and freezers  of  -18c or colder.